Hump Day Happiness!

Sending positive vibes to every one out there just trying to make it to the end of their work week. I know I am! lol



Just some brief thoughts:

I’m not much into politics so I didn’t really have any grasp on what the Israel/Palestine conflict was about. I decided to do a little research of the history and given what I now know, all I can really say is that it’s truly unfortunate. I’m realizing that many if not all wars and conflict result from the massive misunderstanding, ignorance and/or fear of our differences and the prospect of change. It saddens me that we, beings of supposed higher intelligence, often resort to violence as a route to resolution. There has to be another way.

That reminds me! And I may be off base here but I think there’s some correlation. In any case, the other day my husband called me downstairs because out of the corner of his eye he saw a big spider crawling around our living room. He wanted me to help him catch and kill it to which I agreed only to catching it. Afterwards we’d have to set it free outside since I’ve adopted a stance against harming any living creature. He consented. So when we finally find this thing hiding  under our ottoman I realized that he wasn’t understating its’ size in the least. This thing was humongous. Mind you, spiders creep me out with their big beady eyes and their long, hairy, creepy legs. Ugh.. *shivers* . So I see this beast and immediately have second thoughts about trying to catch and release him. But I’m committed enough to follow through and I honestly couldn’t bring myself to squish him. Anyway, about five minutes later after a bit of a struggle we finally lure the kraken into a cup and set him loose outside. I know it’s silly but a sense of pride welled in me. I saved a life. No matter how small, it was a life and I helped it to carry on.

I think that’s what we often overlook. No life is more important or significant than another. We all have a purpose, we all want to be happy, we all breathe the same air and stare dreamily into the same sky in the same world full of wonders. Everyone deserves to live their life as peacefully as possible. If more people were considerate of that fact then maybe we could find a way to exist harmoniously. We have to be more loving, more kind, compassionate and accepting of one another. That’s the only way we’ll prevail. And maybe it’s the naivety in me to be hopeful of such a coexistence. But it has to start somewhere right? Even the life of an ugly little spider. Alright, I’m done with my beauty-pageant-world-peace speech lol

Disillusioned Surrealism

Not only is writing fairly therapeutic but it’s also conducive to organizing and processing thoughts. Even better, it’s documented proof that I actually have thoughts. So, that’s nice. Not that anyone was disputing the idea or anything (-whistling-). But yes, I am capable of some degree of in-depth contemplation. So HA.

Anyhow last week my husband and I (oh yeah! I forgot to mention I got married over my blogging break! More on that to come soon….maybe) were driving to get dinner when I happened to look out of the passenger window and spot two baby deer in the cover of the grass grazing. I flipped and excitedly shrieked “Omg! Look! Look! Look! Look!” Of course I didn’t even notice them until we had practically driven by already so he didn’t get to see them until our drive back home. In any case, I was in complete awe of the two beautiful creatures that stood just a few feet away from me (for those 10 seconds). But the more I thought about it I wondered why that moment and those animals were so surreal to me. I mean, it’s not like they were rainbow colored unicorns. Plus I live in the south so various wildlife isn’t a rarity around here. We get everything from deer to racoons and even bears frequenting the area and yet I felt like a little kid at the zoo for the very first time. That’s when my hubby chimed in and noted that it was a matter of modernism. We’ve structured an environment that revolves around getting from point A to point B as quickly and conveniently as possible. Very rarely are we forced to actually stop to observe/absorb or interact with our environment which is why things like spotting wild animals seems so uncommon. Anything can gain a sort of surrealism if you’re not exposed to it regularly. For instance, if for a long period of time we stopped seeing pigeons walking/flying around, taking dumps on any and everything they possibly can, and then happen to randomly see one strutting down a sidewalk scavenging for food one day, it would be a thing of sorcery! Like “Omg, do you see that freaking pigeon sitting over there?! It’s so beautiful. Get a picture!!”

I sort of lost my train of thought towards the end there. The sleep aids are starting to kick in. If you can kind of figure out where I was going with that I promise you it’s some pretty good thought provoking material. I swear. Plus I was able to knock out another post. Boom.

&!@% #$!@

RIGHT SPEECH (Samma Vacha)

  • Abstinence from slanderous speech, statements intended to divide or create enmity between people. Instead the follower of the path should always speak words which promote friendship and harmony between people.
  • Abstinence from harsh speech, from speech which is angry and bitter, which cuts into the hearts of others. Instead one’s speech should always be soft, gentle and affectionate.

Let me start by pointing out the fact that almost everyone at my job was in a terrible mood today. It was a little disheartening considering I walked in pretty upbeat. I tried my best to maintain a positive outlook throughout it all but let me tell you, girl. These people were trying me. I’m exaggerating. It was actually only two people but they’re the two that I’m most communicative with for the lot of the work day so it might as well had been everyone. In any event I came in (that’s what she said) and went through my usual spiel of “hello’s and “how was your weekend”s which were returned with a sort of coldness that’s easily indicative of a foul temperament. From that point on anything that was said to me was short-to-the-point-as-few-words-as-possible statements and replies in a sharp, aggravated tone.

Normally by this point I’d assume it was me. Something I said or did either today or some time in the past was the culprit behind their sour puss attitude and then I’d spend the rest of the afternoon trying to figure out what it was and how to fix it (my counselor says I do this thing where I take responsibility for the feelings of everyone around me but, that’s a post in and of itself of course). But this time, rather than get all unnecessarily worked up, I just decided to out right ask what the problem was. For one of them (who happens to be the manager) several employees called out and she was having difficulty finding people to cover their shifts so she was stressed out. For the other, Aunt Flow was apparently in town and wreaking a whole lot of biological havoc on her body. So she was also stressed and quite uncomfortable.

While I can understand where they were coming from I don’t think there’s a justifiable reason that vindicates imposing your ill-disposition on everyone around you. To be perfectly honest it seems a little inconsiderate (and unproductive to say the least; what will getting upset solve?) . If it’s not unfortunate enough that you’re having a bad day, now you’re giving off a sort of negative energy that’s imposing itself on all of your peers possibly having an indirect effect on their mood and day as well. Negativity begets negativity. Misery loves misery. Positivity, happiness, optimism…it can help to bring out the best of people even in the worst of circumstances. Often times it doesn’t seem as though we take note of that. We get so caught up in our misfortunes and reactive anxiety to them that we don’t realize how our behavior is impacting others. I’m certainly guilty of it myself. Which brings me to my next point.

In an effort to improve my “aura” and eject some of the negativity from my character and life, I’ve decided to adopt the practice of right speech. My first objective: give up vulgarity and profanity. It will NOT be easy because I curse like a freaking sailor and have the most crude sense of humor of almost anyone I know. But I realize it gives off a bad vibe that I am not in the least bit content with and so I am totally determined to see it through. I don’t want to offend or make others uncomfortable in my presence. Which is so ironic. In the past, I would have argued that I’m not responsible for peoples’ sensitivities and shouldn’t be held accountable if it was never my intent to offend in the first place. But I realize it’s not about taking responsibility for other people but rather taking responsibility for myself and my actions. Despite the fact that profanity doesn’t offend me, I know everyone is not as desensitized to it as myself and should therefore be more considerate of that. It only takes one, right? And maybe my consideration will spread like a wildfire.

I think both myself and my peers will benefit from my employing a more “thoughtful” vernacular anyway. And it won’t kill me to stop cursing. If anything it’ll make it easier for me to refrain from it while around my elders because I have almost slipped up a few times. And trust me, my mother would bodyslam me if I EVER! Sorry if this post seems all over the place. I started it at work and am finishing now at the end of my night. Plus I’m exhausted. So…I’m rambling. I digress…

Homebody Translator

One of my friends posted this article on Facebook and I thought it was hilarious! It speaks so true to my nature. I’ve literally said, done and meant all 13 of these things. My favorite and most used lines:

4. (After being invited out) “Maybe.”

Saying “Maybe” definitely means “no,” but look how disappointing and borderline rude “no” sounds? It’s like the least fun word in the dictionary, so it’s easier to handout maybes, which may give the inviter a glimmer of false hope and slight letdown when you don’t show, but they deserve it for daring to summon you out in public, right?

8. (When bailing on plans) “I’m so sorry, a bunch of things just came up!”

Netflix got new stuff – like, really good stuff.

12. (When plans are canceled on a homebody) “Aw, it’s okay, we’ll get together next time.”


The article for anyone who’s interested: 13 Things Homebodies Say

Commercial Break Burn!

Exercising is probably one of my least favorite things to do right next to waking up before 12pm on weekends and paying bills. I despise every single thing about it from the blood (literally! kettle bells are evil), sweat and tears to the muscle pain and the feeling that my heart and lungs may spontaneously combust at any moment. But it was one of the lifestyle changes I agreed to make in an effort to become healthier and I am totally committed to sticking it out. No matter how much I may be opposed to it some days, and I have been UTTERLY opposed (practically kicking and screaming), somehow I’ve managed to remain consistent working out 5-6 days a week since February. And though I’m noticeably getting stronger and gaining more endurance, it’s not getting any easier to keep it up.

Devoting 1-2 hours to exercise after an 8-hour work day, walking and caring for my puppies, squeezing in some semblance of human to human interaction, maintaining household chores and my studies is not only exhausting but it leaves little time to do the less productive activities that I happen to enjoy. Second to sleeping and eating (Yes, they’re tied at number 1), laying in bed cuddled up with my dogs while watching tv is hands down one of the most enjoyable moments of my day. Just getting over-indulged in the dramatics of the Lifetime and Investigation discovery channel or training my brain with Animal Planet, The Discovery and Food network is absolutely divine. But most days after completing the above list I either never get around to the relaxing part of my day or if I do, once my head hits that pillow it’s lights out. It was becoming a little discouraging and almost resulted in a slow stray away from my efforts to continue exercising but then I found a solution! Commercial break workouts.

The best thing since sliced bread and microwavable meals is the combination of catching up on your favorite series while getting your daily burn. It’s like the ultimate compromise! Absolutely brilliant. So basically while my “stories” (my grandmother used to refer to the shows she watched as “stories.” I thought it was hilarious. That’s neither here nor there though. I digress…) are on I’ll sit and watch until a commercial break hits. That’s when I get up and do several sets of various workouts I found online until the break is over. And considering commercial breaks are like 10 minutes long these days, depending on the exercises I get just as intense of a workout as I would have during a 30-minute session of cardio, yogo or weight training.

Anyway, all that to say that I found a way to indulge in my guilty pleasure lifetime shows while still being able to workout. I’m so longwinded sometimes it doesn’t even make sense. It does go to show that there’s an alternative to giving up. There’s ALWAYS something that can be done to do all the things you want to. Whether it’s combining certain activities or prioritizing and putting certain things on the backburner while the ones you’re more passionate about come to the forefront. Where there’s a will there’s a way! Or in my case, there was no will but certainly a desire to be summertime fine. I guess that certainly paves a way too! ha!

For anyone interested I’ve provided links to a couple of the sites that I choose my exercises from. I typically mix these up with about 20-30 minutes of jogging and/or jumping rope:

Fun Fact: Independence Day

So in this book that I’m reading, “That’s not in my American history book,” they talk about how we actually declared our independence from the British on July 2nd. July 4th is when the Continental Congress met to discuss and approve the contents of the official written document. Signatures didn’t taken place until August 2nd and not even all of the congress signed the document on that day. The last signature was added on January 18, 1777. So technically, we celebrate Independence Day on the wrong day (and really we should be celebrating on several individual days). Just a little fun fact I learned and thought I would share with everyone. Not only because it’s interesting but also in an effort to ensure that I don’t go too long without posting so as not to get out of the habit. A little bit of writing a day keeps the writer’s block away! Don’t quote me though. I’m n0t sure that’s at all accurate lol